Meet the Teaching and Coaching Team

Ian Fahy - Head Coach

Ian Fahy - Head Coach

Blessed, excited and privileged are 3 words I use to describe how I feel about being the Head Coach here at Nottingham Northern Swimming Club. Founded in 1908, the club is friendly, inclusive and competitive, with a great team of teachers and coaches, committee members and volunteers.

Prior to joining Nottingham Northern, I have coached at Kimberley and Bramcote swimming clubs. I'm committed to leading a team who like myself, are dedicated to equipping our swimmers to achieve their full potential and their own personal goals. As the Managing Director of Intelligent Swim Solutions (my own swimming business), I am passionate about swimmers improving their stroke technique, as well as building up their stamina and preparing for competition. These are key skills which I intend to bring in to club life, which I believe will help with the development of all of our swimmers and teaching and coaching team.

Galas and Open Meets are what all of the training our swimmers do are geared up for, as these provide great opportunities to represent our club both on an individual and team basis. As swimmers are in a competitive environment, they often perform better and hence achieve higher results and faster times at these events.

As Head Coach, I am responsible for the team selection for galas, and would therefore ask, that if you/your swimmer are selected to represent the club, that you make every possible effort to support this.

I will ensure that I'm free after at least 2 training sessions per week, so if there's any swimming related matter you would like to discuss with me, then please feel free to catch up with me then. If you feel that you wish to email me any information to assist in this, then please email me at

The club has an enormous opportunity to move forwards from good to great, and I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you!