Nottingham Northern Swimming Club Governance

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club adheres to policies and procedures in order to comply with our SwimMark (formerly Swim21) accreditation.  These are overseen by a governing committee and are constantly evolving in the interest of the club and its members. The club accepts no responsibility for any items lost at training sessions or galas.

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club AGM 2018 Reports

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club AGM 2019 Reports and Accounts

Last updated: September 2019
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Nottingham Northern Swimming Club (Club Constitution)

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club - CONSTITUTION - revised March 2019 and accepted at the March 2019 AGM

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club Codes of Conduct

The swimming club exists for the benefit of the swimmers, to develop their skills in swimming and to instil in them a code of behaviour which will carry them forward with credit in life.

To create the atmosphere necessary to achieve these objectives the following codes of conduct will be adopted within the club. By becoming a member you must agree to sign up to these codes of conduct.

NNSC - Code Of Conduct for Swimmers - September 2018

NNSC - Code Of Conduct for Parents - September 2018

NNSC - Code Of Conduct for Coaches and Teachers - September 2018

NNSC - Code Of Conduct for Committee Members, Officials and Volunteers - September 2018

Nottingham Northern Swimming Club (Policy Document Links)

NNSC - Data Protection Policy - updated May 2018

NNSC - Emergency Procedures - updated October 2015

NNSC - Equity Policy - FEB2010

NNSC - Life Guard Policy - APR2010

NNSC - Succession and Recruitment Plan - APR2010

NNSC - Anti-Bullying and Harrassment Policy - July 2013

Bullying Incident Form

ASA Guidance for social networking

Insurance Documents

Incident Notification Guidlines

NNSC Public Liability Insurance and Swim England Insurance - 2019/20

ASA Policy Documents (Links and PDFs)

ASA Guide for Handling Disputes

ASA Data Protection Notice

Anti Doping

Teaching and Coaching Incentive Scheme


The official Nottingham Crest, awarded to Nottingham Northern Swimming Club